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These are stories and pictures of pets who have been adopted through Cabarrus Pets Society.  We all love to hear how they are doing.  If you've adopted a pet from CPS and would like to see his or her picture on this page, please email us a picture and story and we'll be happy to add it!


Thanks Kelli for the update on Duke-

Just finished Duke’s hideout so thought I’d send some updated pictures of him. He’s got the longest legs and learns new things every day. He LOVES giving high fives and shaking paws with everyone he meets. Still has his adorable seal bark. He’s crazy smart and adorable but of course I’m biased.




Appie...loving life!




Just wanted to give you a update on Henry.  We got him when he was 3 months old and now he is 15 months old.  He is the best dog ever. Very spoiled, but the most loving and smart dog I have ever had. He knows all his commands now, but the one thing I had problems with was taking him on a walk. He is now a expert at it. Sometimes he still wants to pull, but getting better every time we go. My husband and I love him like our on son. He loves playing with his friends as you can see by the photos. I just want to thank you all for doing such a wonderful job rescuing and taking care of all the fur-babies. Thank you for letting us adopt such a wonderful and handsome boy.


Daisy and Jax (formerly Hope and Merle)

Sending pics of Daisy & Jax 4 mos old now! We are one big happy family! Daisy remains petite & sweet & Jax is one of most affectionate doggies we've ever had; he is a lover indeed & he's going to be a beauty & big! He walks around like he is Mr. Bigshot, then he trips over a little bitty thing on the floor! Daisy is sneaky & smart & very independent. She still wants to get on my lap! They both are happy, healthy, and full of the 'terrible twos'. We have forgotten what our life was like b4 they arrived!


Mac (now Kylo)



Here's Mac, or as we have named him Kylo. He's worn out from a day of
playing with other puppies. We adopted him at the end of October. Since
then he's been house trained, crate trained, but we're still working on the






In 2008,we adopted this girl named Baby. We call her Annabelle Houdini now. She loved going on her own little adventures and worry us but she would always come back and in need of a bath. She's older now and doesn't do that anymore. We love this girl so much. Thank you for letting us adopt her.




I just wanted to give you a update on Henry. I cannot say this enough, he is very special and sooo smart. He can now on command sit, come, shake, lay and speak. He is such a wonderful dog and we love him so much. I just got a trampoline today for my grandchild and Henry just jump right up there and wanted to play. Thought I would send you a photo that my husband took today while we were playing.



Sadie (Grace)

This is Sadie (Grace) who I believe was Lemon's sister: she's a wild child, but super smart and wonderful and will hopefully graduate from her puppy class soon! It was crazy to see a puppy who looks so much like her!






Lemon (Briella)


Just wanted to share how great Lemon (Briella) is doing. She graduated from puppy training and is so smart and playful. Thank you for letting us adopt this wonderful pup.








 I just wanted to give you an update on Karlee. She's doing great! She's enjoying her first Christmas. The presents and ornaments on the tree arouse her curiosity but she's patiently waiting to open hers Christmas morning. Her and my mama immediately clicked. She follows my mamas every step. She's become accustomed to her weekly bath at the doggy spa. You can somewhat see her snowman bandana they put on her this afternoon. She's a social butterfly at the groomers. She speaks to everyone when she gets there, she's a favorite. She's the perfect fit for our family. Her and Gracie my border collie play when they're together. She also plays with my brothers dogs.






I wanted to write and give you an update on Henry. He is now completely house-trained and also he sits, stays and come on command. I have had many dogs in my life, but Henry is very special to me. When I leave the house and come home he actually tries to talk to me. I have never had a dog that shows me so much love and companionship. He is just a gently giant and I love him dearly. Thank you so much for giving me this very special fur baby.Here is a photo I just took last night, thought you would see how happy he is.





Luna (Daphne), named after the super moon when we got her is enjoying her new home and her new turkey leg. We love her and so thankful for being able to adopt her. She is a great dog.




Grace with her new family, who traveled a long way to bring her to her new loving home...






We adopted Pepper in May. She was 7 lb and 3 months old . What a joy she is for our family. She is high strong, mart and curious but at the same time so Very sweet and lovable . She loves exploring the outdoors and at the end of a long day she loves snuggling up with her momma. I can not thank you all enough for saving her and da facilitating her adoption into our family. Hope her two sisters found a great home as well.







Here she is showing off her boo boo





So thankful for each and every one of you for making adapting Daisy Mae so easy. Daisy is doing amazing and loving her new best friend.


Daisey Mae


Here is Henry and this is his favorite place to stay. He loves his new porch and we couldn't be more happier. He has fit in our family very well. It took our little girl a few day to adjust, but they get alone very good. I call him my goof ball, cause sometimes he just flops right on the couch and lays on my head. It has only been a week sense we got him, but we love him dearly. He is doing awesome on housebreaking. I want to thank you all for everything you do for these wonderful animals. I will keep in touch and let you know how things are going. I will be teaching him commands in 2 months. 




Charlie (formerly Tessa)


Ella (formerly Libby Lu)

Nala (AKA Mia)...



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I adopted Beau on Sunday.  Wow, what a great pooch!  He is perfect for us.
He is a squirrel hunter and loves to watch for them from his room.  When he
goes outside, he does not want to come back in.  We have several large
trees and he pounces upright and barks forever which means, no more
squirrels stealing my bird food!  He leaves the birds alone.  There was
concern our fence was not high enough, we have a 4 foot.  He puts his paws
up, but has not tried to go over, he seems to be more concerned with seeing
and barking, not getting there.  Of course, we do not feel comfortable
leaving him outside when we are not here so we will monitor himfor awhile.
Just wanted to thank you guys for what you do, I am glad he was able to
avoid a shelter.  


Poor Bella was so exhausted from 5 hours of playing hard yesterday that she wouldn’t even go for a walk this morning. But they interacted really well, even though he would manage to get her bones out of her mouth every 5 minutes and hoard them. It was hilarious. He finally crashed and burned around 8pm last night. This morning I took him out straight away and although he peed and walked around a bit, he did wait until we came back inside to poop. But I guess that par for the course with a puppy! :-)


My Name is Marnia and rescued my best friend McLovin (formerly known as Hercules) October 2014 and he is the smartest dog on earth!!!!!! He was 11 weeks when I brought him home and I've been in love every since. He enjoys running, water bottles,kids,snuggling and hanging out with his best friend Bentley (a rescue as well). He mastered house training, sit, paw, and walking without a leash within the first month home. I am so happy I made the decision to adopt a rescue, he has been a true blessing to my home.


Leo came to CPS as an owner surrender and was in a great foster home. The foster had a great friend that fell in love with Leo and decided to adopt him. He loves his sister Buttons and his new family.


Tilly (formerly Clarice) is loving her first snow day!

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