Community Foster Program


If you have an animal for which you need to find a new home, whether it is your own animal or a stray, we may be able to help. Because we do not have a permanent, physical shelter, all of our animals are kept in individual foster homes. Most of our foster homes are filled to capacity the majority of the time, so we have established a unique program called Community Fostering. With your cooperation, this special program enables Cabarrus Pets Society to assist you in helping the animal(s).  Fill out our "surrender form" and one of our volunteers will contact you within 48 hours.

The Community Foster Program is essentially a partnership between you and Cabarrus Pets Society. We believe the program is beneficial because it allows help for animal(s) in need while dividing the responsibility between you and CPS. Cabarrus Pets Society will be responsible for the costs associated with providing food and medical care for the animal(s) and will market the animal(s) to the public. Your responsibility will be to provide a safe and loving foster home for the animal(s). We will work together in this partnership until the animal(s) is/are adopted into appropriate, permanent home(s).

Please follow the 3 steps below and click on the links associated with each step to access the documents related to the Community Foster Program.

STEP #1:

Please click on the link below for the Community Foster Guidelines.


Please read the document carefully and in its entirety to help you to decide if you are both capable and prepared to work within the program guidelines.

STEP #2: 

If you decide that you are able to work within the guidelines of the Community Foster Program, please follow the directions provided to schedule a temperament test. Using the link below, complete the "Surrender form"

"surrender form"

To be completed by you for all animals before a temperament test can be performed by a Cabarrus Pets Society representative. You must complete a separate form for each animal.

STEP #3:

Click on the bottom link to review the Surrender/Foster Agreement that you will be required to sign and comply with.


To be completed when/if the animal(s) pass the temperament test and enter the program.

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