What to Do If Your Pet is Lost

1. Call your local Animal Control to report the missing pet ASAP! Give a detailed description [Lost Pet Poster] including breed or breed mix, markings and coloration, any distinguishing markings, sex, and color of collar.

2. Advise Animal Control if the pet has tags and is micro-chipped.

3. Give your contact information and a picture of the pet to Animal Control.

4. Call Animal Control every day, and if possible, visit each day to look at the animals that have been brought in. Most Animal Control shelters are only required to keep an animal they have picked up for three business days before euthanizing them.

5. Call the area newspaper immediately to place an ad. Most papers will run a Lost/Found ad free of charge for a week. Check the “Pets Found” section of your local newspaper.

6. Put up flyers in the area that the pet went missing. Be aware that if they are lost, pets can roam long distances looking for home.

7. Call local vet offices to leave a description of the pet and your contact information. If possible, post a flyer in the vet’s office.

8. If/when your pet is found, please advise those that you have alerted and/or asked for help.

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