What to Do If Your Pet is Lost

*Contact local animal rescues, humane societies, animal control, veterinarians, and any other offices you can think of and give them a description of the animal and where they were lost. Visit them in person, so they can see you really are passionate about getting your pet back. Bring pictures!

*Put up posters in the neighborhood, veterinary offices, supermarkets, laundromats, dog parks, pet stores, bars, restaurants anywhere you can put one, do it! Create flyers (Laminate them so they will last) and make sure you include a good description including breed or breed mix, markings and colorations, distinguishing markings, sex, and color of collar and close-up pictures. Include at least 2 contact numbers and emails so you can be contacted easily. Use bold, big headlines that can be read from a distance like “LOST DOG”.   Put a giant LOST PET poster in your yard and some at major intersections near your home

* Notify all of your neighbors. Not just the next-door ones but the whole neighborhood. Cats and dogs can wander a long way from home.

*Network - have friends, family, neighbors, anyone post information to their social media and have them ask their friends and neighbors

* Notify Animal Control and local shelters. Visit them because legally they only have to hold strays for 72 hours and call them often!

*Give everyone a Contact Phone Number and Email that You Check Often

*Activate your microchip- let them know your pet is missing so they can alert the local network! Make sure the contact info is up to date.

*Notify your HOA, if you have one, and have them post it on their notice board and social media.

*Post a really good close up and full body picture and description to

  1. Local newspapers, they often will run free ads for lost and found pets (I know it sounds old fashioned, but we want to cover all the bases).
  2. Facebook sites such as Pet Amber Alert, Concord Missing Pet Poster, Lost and Found Pets of Cabarrus County, NC
  3. Online sites such as:

https://shadowapp.com - download the app and post a found dog.

*Use a humane trap. Sometimes you can borrow from local shelter/rescue or you can purchase one as well.

*When you find your pet please let everyone know and celebrate!

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