Needed- Loving Foster Homes

  • Rewarding
  • Temporary
  • All supplies provided including food, toys, treats, crates
  •   Save lives, multiple lives
  • Your only investment is your time, patience and love

We have a tremendous need for foster homes. Without good, dependable foster homes, we are unable to rescue animals who are in desperate need because we have no place for them. Our hearts breaks when we have to turn deserving animals away. Without a physical shelter, all of our animals are kept in foster homes until they are adopted into forever homes.

By becoming a foster parent you support CPS's mission and help animals get a 2nd chance at a loving and safe home.

We have two different options for fostering

  • REGULAR FOSTER HOME: You provides a safe, loving environment for the animal until it is adopted into a permanent home.
  • RELIEF FOSTER HOME: A relief foster home provides a safe and loving home for the animal for a period of up to 14 days.  Relief foster homes are vital. They provide relief for the regular fosters and for situations where a foster home is needed for a short time frame.

No matter which option you choose, CPS will work directly with you to place appropriate foster animals into your home, that are a good match for your family and lifestyle. 

We provide and/or pay for all medical care (including monthly heart worm and flea prevention) for the foster while it is in your care.

What are the requirements for a foster home?

  • All other pets in your home must be current on their vaccinations and in good health. 
  • A safe environment:  A fenced yard may be required for some large breed dogs.
  • All foster animals must be available to meet potential adopters. Meet and Greets will be scheduled at the foster parent's convenience.

How to become a foster home

1- Fill out an online foster application. 

2- We will review application and complete a Veterinary Reference Check and if applicable a Landlord Reference Check.

3- Phone interview with Foster Home Coordinator and possible ho me check.  

3- If approved our coordinator will speak with you and find out what type of animals you are interested in fostering. (for example: adults only, small breeds, house trained only, etc.) You will be added to the Relief or Regular Foster database and notified when we have a foster need. We will never pressure you into fostering!


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